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Citizen Code of Conduct

Detainment Tool 
To grab people with the detain tool, click their torso. To release them, click on a blank space somewhere on your screen. The detain tool SHOULD NOT be used to detain people from across the map. If you’re going to grab someone, do it from a reasonable distance. If you’re in a gunfight, shoot it out. Don’t use the detain tool unrealistically to give yourself an unfair advantage.

This tool is likely to be replaced and/or modified in the future. As of now, it is issued to all Fifth Class Ground Units and above.

Citizen Code of Conduct

Level 1
- Running
- Jumping
- Climbing
- Yelling
- General uncivil behavior
- Loitering

Punished by light re-education.

Level 2
- Swearing
- Committing a level 1 violation right after or shortly after a warning
- Possession of green marked contraband
- Wasting an officer’s time
- Not speaking an official language
- Not using authorized citizen clothing

Punished by heavy re-education.

Level 3
- Failure to apply.
- Failure to report a crime
- Insubordination
- Theft

Punished by re-education and one cycle in detainment if there is still failure to apply.

Level 4
- Trespassing in a restricted zone
- Stealing tokens
- Direct unit harassment
- Fighting
- Tampering with unconscious or deceased bodies
- Resisting arrest and/or questioning
- Property vandalism

Punished by two cycles in detainment.

Level 5
- Trespassing inside the Nexus
- Direct unit harassment
- Attempted homicide
- Anti-Union propaganda
- Possession of yellow marked contraband
- Lying during an interrogation

Punished by three cycles in detainment.

Level 6

- Unauthorized Procreative Activity (sexual acts)
- Combine property vandalism
- Mental imperfection
- Homicide (murdering a citizen)
- Attempted homicide of a Civil Protection Officer
- Maintaining hostages
- Robbery

Punished by amputation, or 4 cycles in detainment. It depends on the severity of the offense committed and the circumstances surrounding it.

Level 7
- Possession of red marked contraband
- Homicide of Civil Protection Officers
- Trespassing in Earth Administrator's office
- Rebel conspiracy

Punished by amputation. If subjects surrender, an execution will take place. In most cases, amputation will result due to the combative nature of this violation level.


Green Contraband (Level One)
Anti-Union Propaganda
Books, Except for UU-Branded books! Ex. - Zen of The Union
Bottled Water
Large Soda
Metropolice Supplements
Spray Paint
Non-Branded UU-Foods (Orange, Banana, Donuts, Anything that doesn't have a (UU) in the name in front of it.)

Yellow Contraband (Level Two)
Handheld Radio
Health Kits - Except for Medical C.W.U.
Stationary Radio
Zip Ties
Non-issued Universal Clothing (Ex. Different City Clothing, Not Rebel Vests)

Red Contraband (Level Three)
Resistance/Medic Uniforms
9mm Pistol
Combine SPAS-12 Shotgun
Overwatch Standard Issued Pulse-Rifle (AR2)
.357 Magnum

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