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Civil Protection Standard Operating Procedures

Civil Protection are the paramilitary policing arm of the Overwatch forces on Earth. They utilize aggressive policing tactics in order to maintain the Union's supremacy and dominance on Earth. It consists of former military and police personnel who have been forcefully assimilated and ordinary citizens who have willingly volunteered, seeking the benefits of better living conditions and greater status above the rest of the population. Ground units typically do not receive any bio-mechanical or mental augmentations, unless they're higher-ranking.

They are typically lightly armed, at most utilizing sub-machine guns and shotguns. Their power comes in numbers.


  • RCT (Recruit): Recruits have recently conscripted into the Civil Protection force and are issued with only a 30,000 volt stun baton. They are not allowed to leave the nexus and must complete a basic weapons & policing course in order to receive a promotion and enter into UNION.
  • 05 (Ground Unit Fifth Class): 05s and above may be assigned to Protection Teams upon the request of an officer and are issued in addition to their previous equipment an 18-round 9x19mm USP Match. They should have a basic grasp on Civil Protection duties, scanner codes, and terminology.
  • 04 (Ground Unit Fourth Class): 04s should have a firm grasp on Civil Protection operations, scanner codes, and terminology. By this time, a unit has conducted a few re-educations and familiarized himself with most of his equipment and surroundings.
  • 03 (Ground Unit Third Class): 03s are on their way to become non-commissioned officers. An 03 should be able to go through basic Civil Protection procedures with ease and frequently use scanner codes in addition to correct the terminology. 03s are also issued with a 45-round 4.6x30mm MP7 in addition to their previous equipment. In order to be promoted, an 03 must recieve non-commissioned officer training.
Non-Commissioned Officers
  • 02 (Senior Ground Unit Second Class): 02s are finally non-commissioned officers. They're are given a small amount of oversight over other units and may assist in leading a Protection Team. Their equivalent rank in a traditional military would be corporal. 02s must have an advanced handling of Civil Protection weaponry, exemplary knowledge of City 17, and be knowledgeable of all civil protection procedures and duties. To be promoted to 01, frequently assist with leading Protection Teams and show wits & leadership ability.
  • 01 (Senior Ground Unit First Class) : An 01 is a senior non-commissioned officer. 01s may take command of lower ranking units and may lead a Protection Team when granted permission to by an officer. An 01 should show mastery of all duties pertaining to being a Civil Protection officer. To become a commissioned officer, 01s must complete an application then go through officer training.
Commanding/Commissioned Officers
  • OfC (Officer): Officers are the lowest ranking commissioned officers. They are generally responsible for training recruits, leading Protection Teams, and orchestrating the patrols and checkpoints at City 17. Officers are also issued with a 6-round .357 Magnum Double-Action Colt Python Revolver in addition to their previous equipmentOfficers may be selected as executive officers for a subdivision. 
  • EpU (Elite Protection Unit): Elite Protection Units are more senior officers and work with others to organize Protection Teams at City 17, conduct advanced trainings, and lead sweeps. This role is now used more ceremoniously and is usually reserved for officers extremely experienced in combat. Elite Protection Units, like Officers, may be selected as executive officers for a subdivision. 
  • SqL (Squad Leader): As their name suggests, SqLs lead a subdivision within their division. They’re considered the commanding officer of the subdivision they are assigned to by their division leader, and may select executive officers as their second in command. Squad Leaders are also issued with a 6-round 12 gauge buckshot Pump-Action SPAS-12 Shotgun in addition to their previous equipment.
  • DvL (Division Leader): A division leader leads a division, hence their name. It is a division leader’s job to maintain his division and select commanding officers of the subdivisions.
Sectoral Command
  • CmD (Commander): The Commander acts as an assistant to the Sectoral Commander, and his role is to constantly evaluate the status of the divisions and subdivisions below him. If the divisional or any of his officers are not performing to the proper standards, it is his job to re-educate, and if needed, replace people to ensure divisions can run smoothly and at maximum efficiency.
  • SeC (Sectoral Commander): The Sectoral Commander is the most senior commanding officer within a city/sector. The SeC has control over all operations, and his decisions are final. Only the advisory or overlord may override his decisions. His job is to oversee the divisions with the assistance of his chosen commander.
  • Earth Administrator: The Earth Administrator is primarily a figurehead for the combine presence on Earth. He has administrative control of the metropolitan police and Overwatch Transhuman arm, to maximize their operational effectiveness.
  • Advisor: The advisors collectively function as a board to determine the overall direction and status of the Union, vote on proposed changes, maintain oversight of the Union's occupied worlds. 
  • Chairman of the Advisory: The Chairman acts as the head of the advisory and has the final say in all decisions.
  • Overlord: The ultimate authority within the combine. The Overlord’s word and judgement is above all, and his role is to oversee and administer the entirety of the Union in all universes.

[Image: exclamation.png] Below are many proposed changes that have not and may not be implemented. As of now, there are 3 divisions each with 2-3 subdivisions. Speak to an officer or Advisor for assistance.

The Sector 17 Overwatch is currently organized into two divisions: Civil Protection and the Overwatch Transhuman Arm. Both are lead by a single Division Leader.
More information about the Overwatch Transhuman Arm can be found in their Standard Operating Procedures.

Within each division are multiple subdivisions, or squads, led by a Squad Leader. The terms “subdivision” and “squad” may be used interchangeably. Subdivisions with a strike-through are not currently active but may be commissioned into service at any time.

Our structure does not coincide with the way most Garry’s Mod Half-Life 2 RP servers are organized, but we believe this is the best adaptation available to us on the ROBLOX platform. 

UNION is generally the first division that recruits will be conscripted into and is the basis for entry into other subdivisions. UNION handles broad policing duties like guard duty at checkpoints, patrolling the streets, enforcing the citizen code of conduct, and administering punishments for low level conduct violations.

VICE focuses on seizing illegal contraband (drugs, weapons) and stopping its manufacture, trade, and distribution. This is done through residential raids and proactive monitoring of known or suspected dealers.

GRID operate scanners, evisceraters, cameras, turrets and armored personnel carriers  to assist, support, and insert Protection Teams.
JURY acts as an interrogation, correctional, and internal affairs unit. It is primarily responsible for the management of the prison and administering verdicts. It also acts as a policing force within combine itself by enforcing the Universal Union Code of Conduct. Because of the nature of this division, only the most trustworthy and witty members of the combine are granted entry. They do not leave the prison or nexus often unless it is to conduct an investigation.

[Image: exclamation.png] HELIX
HELIX consists of combat medics. Typically, they’re stationed in the Nexus and only dispatched when needed. They may also be embedded with squads from other divisions or subdivisions.

[Image: exclamation.png] SPEAR
SPEAR focuses on scouting and preparing ahead for full scale deployments of stabilization teams to a specific area by gathering useful information. They “spearhead” patrols & raids, hence their name.

[Image: exclamation.png] RAZOR
RAZOR consists of elite civil protection units usually transferred from UNION. They specialize and are specifically trained for urban apartment and building raids. 

Terminology & Radio Codes
Terminology and radio codes are to always be used when communicating whilst over the radio and in person. Failure to use them when they’re applicable will result in disciplinary action.

Scanner 10 Codes
10-0 - Caution
10-2 - Elaborate
10-3 - Stop transmitting
10-4 - Message received; understood
10-5 - Repeat message
10-6 – Busy
10-7 - Off-duty
10-8 - On-duty
10-12 - Standby
10-14 - Passive
10-15 - Prisoner
10-17 – Respond to request
10-19 - Returning to High-Priority Region
10-20 - Location
10-22 - Disregard
10-25 - Visual
10-26 - Prosecuting
10-30 - Socio-incursion
10-32 - Armed personnel
10-41 - Committed to patrol
10-42 - Ending patrol commission
10-43 - Information on current PTs
10-52 - Medical assistance required
10-59 - Escort
10-65 - Standing by
10-76 - Enroute
10-78 - Armed assistance
10-91D - Citizen
10-96 - Mentally imperfect individual
10-96P - Physically imperfect individual
10-97 - Arrived at request/reported area/ location
10-99 - Officer under threat
10-103 - Disturbance
10-103M - Disturbance by mentally unfit
10-104 - Suicide
10-107 - Suspicious person
10-108 - Deserviced/deservicement

11-6 - Vulnerable (intoxicated, unconscious etc.)
11-42 - Wrap up (finish assignment)
11-44 - Cleanup crew (conscripted biotics)
11-99 - Officer needs immediate assistance

Code 1 - Respond at will (Walk)
Code 2 - Urgent response/Prioritize Issue (Walk as soon as current task is complete)
Code 3 - Emergency response (Run immediately to situation)
Code 4 - No further assistance required
Code 7 - Ration Distribution Terminal Active
Code 8 - Ration Distribution Terminal Inactive
Code 12 - Standard directives
Code 15 - Status, location, and PT assignment
Code 100 - Situation stable

34S - Shots fired
52E - Explosions heard
187 - Suspect prosecution discretionary (contain or amputate at will)
404 - Riot in-progress
647 - Non-citizen/Minor offender
647E - Anti-citizen/Major offender

Accomplice: An individual providing aide to a standing anti-citizen or non-citizen.
Airwatch: The airborne extension of Overwatch forces. In Civil Protection use, it typically refers to scanner units.
Amputate: To execute a target. Unless stated otherwise or it is an obvious emergency, assume that this means to relocate the subject to a secure location before carrying it out.
Anti-Citizen: A confirmed opponent of the state.
Apply: To rush, hurry, or speed up execution of an action. Essentially, get a move on.
Assemble: To group together, or operate in tightly knit teams.
Biotic: A non-specific designation typically referring to non-manipulative xenian lifeforms. This can encompass vortigaunts or antlions. In most situations it refers to vortigaunts.
Block: A residential block or location.
Cauterize: To permanently restrict access to a location. For instance, blowing out the ceiling of a tunnel to fill it with rubble.
Coagulate: To spread out across a wider location. The opposite of assemble.
Converge: To move to a location.
Request: A request for Civil Protection teams, be it from a request device or a terminal.
Clamp: To temporarily restrict access to a location.
Deservice/Deserviced: Referring to the death of a Union-affiliated unit, either Civil Protection or Transhuman Personnel.
Dislocate: To knock aside, destroy, or damage. Typically refers to destruction of cover on an enemy target.
Restrictor: Any device used to restrict an area - in case of urban environments, a lock. In outland regions, a thumper.
Discouragement Device: An explosive hopper mine.
Document: To examine the identity of a given person, or to update their datafile with their committed crime.
Exogen: Antlion or its associated grubs/guard types.
Expired: Deceased/Eliminated
Expunge: To eliminate a target. Different from amputate, this typically refers to combat scenarios involving hostile opponents
Hardpoint: An armored structure purposefully constructed to serve as a defensive position for overwatch operatives. It is characterized by bulletproof barriers alongside large walls and stationary weapons. Operatives stationed at these locations are authorized to have their weapons ready at hand.
Checkpoint: An area or a structure purposefully constructed to search & identify populace passing through it. Weapons may not be present at these locations.
Immediate Amputation: To execute an amputation on the spot without subject relocation.
Incursion: A breach of socio-stability.
Infection: A hostile outbreak, typically referring to necrotic and parasitic activity, though this can also refer to anti-citizens.
Inject: To move into a location.
Inoculate: To secure an outbreak or eliminate a threat to socio-stability
Inquire: To interrogate or question.
Intercede: Move to disrupt ongoing activity, to go to a scene.
Interlock: To group together and form a protection team.
Interpose: Refuse or other objects being used as cover from fire.
Isolate: To distance oneself from others. Can be used as an instruction toward citizens, or other units in combat situations. In reference to opponents in a combat situation, to fire/attack to prevent them from coming together.
Laceration: Leakage of confidential information, terminology, or identity.
Lock: To lock one’s position or hold at a present location.
Malcompliance: Failure or refusal to co-operate.
Malignant: A persistent threat to socio-stability.
Necrotic: A being under the influence of a headcrab/parasite.
Non-citizen: Any individual with revoked or no citizenship who is not necessarily an opponent of the state.
Outbreak: A suddenly occurring situation. As a status update, refers to loss of control.
Pacify: To render a threat incapable of continued resistance. This typically means to render unconscious, though in combat scenarios can mean to wound a target sufficiently to make them incapable of carrying on.
Parasite: A headcrab of any variety.
Preserve: To re-establish or maintain socio-stability in your area.
Pressure: To apply continued force/attack to a target to an unrelenting degree.
Prosecute: To administer a verdict. In combat scenarios, to engage with or eliminate a target.
Restrict: To deny access to or through a given location, or to establish a perimeter.
Shield: To apply defensive tactics or to defend a designated target/location.
Scan: To perform a search of an area, container or an individual.
Skyshield: Airwatch forces operating in the area. This can refer to hunter-choppers or gunships.
Sociocide: Disruption of normalcy/order in the area.
Stabilize: To restore order.
Sterilize: In reference to corpses, typically meaning to burn or otherwise get rid of them.
Suspend: To cease or put an action on hold.
Sword: To adhere to offensive tactics, or to hunt for a given subject.
Tag: The verdicts a given suspect is charged with. In combat situations, refers to killing or having killed a target (“Tag one necrotic”).
Terminal Prosecution: To execute a target. Unless stated otherwise or it is an obvious emergency, assume that this means to relocate the subject to a secure location before carrying it out.
Unrest/Unrest Structure: Some form of riot or uncontrolled disruption.
Verdict: The decided offense or conclusion in reference to a given subject. Typically refers to the numerical designation for an offense (243, 27, etc). In combat situations, this refers to a weapon's ammunition.
Virome: Host of civil infection - (An armed anti-citizen, a hazardous object, an unidentified creature, a rampant conflagration etc.).
Viscerator: Manhack.
Witness Sterilization: Laceration of any information that you're not meant to know.

Judgement Waiver: Sentencing of citizens is discretionary. This means that each officer has full rights to detain, without warrant or question, any citizen of the City. Arrests can be made as needed based on any reasoning or suspicion to ensure the lasting peace of the City. In addition, upon activation of Autonomous Judgement, a priority inspection will immediately occur, inclusive of checking the person of every citizen currently in the City.
Autonomous Judgement: Capital prosecution is discretionary. This means that each officer has full rights to detain, amputate, or execute, without warrant or question, any citizen of the City. Executions may be carried out as needed based on any reasoning or suspicion to ensure the lasting peace of the City. In addition, upon activation of Judgement Waiver, a priority inspection will immediately occur, followed by an immediate lockdown of all hardpoints and sectors of the City.

ADW: Assault with a Deadly Weapon
BOLO: Be on Lookout
CPT: Civil Protection Teams
DOA: Deceased on Arrival
GOA: Gone on Arrival
PT: Protection Team
UTL: Unable to Locate
UPI: Unidentified Person of Interest


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